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    UB SPPS Dean's Alumni Ambassador Mentor Student Sign-Up

    About Dean's Alumni Ambassador Program Mentors

    In cooperation with your faculty advisor, we would like to pair you with your alumni “guide”. Your alumni mentor is chosen specifically for you based on your interests. We are also pleased to offer alumni mentors especially for our students underrepresented in pharmacy (UIP).

    What does a mentor do? Our alumni mentors introduce you to career opportunities in a variety of practice and business settings, giving you the opportunity to develop professional relationships with practicing pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. Your mentor will play a significant role in your education by serving as a guide, advisor and idea generator.

    • Potential career paths
    • Job searching
    • Continuing education
    • CVs and cover letters
    • Managing a budget
    • Balancing work and family
    • Professional associations
    • Industry information
    • Mentors should not tutor or provide academic advisement or crisis counseling (refer to Professor Fiebelkorn)

    Next Steps If you have already been paired up with a Mentor, please continue to engage and reconnect with updates on your plans and upcoming year activities. If you’d like an additional Mentor, please submit this form.

    You will be paired within two weeks. Once paired, please send a professional email (also cc: Jennifer Rosenberg at within one week.  You could offer to meet via Zoom, for coffee, connect on LinkedIn, etc. Mentors have requested you take ownership of your engagement and continue to communicate regularly with them.

    Learn more here: Mentoring Tips for Students and visit our informative Career Development website for more professional student resources. 

    Would you like an Underrepresented in Pharmacy (UIP) Mentor?
    Would you like an Underrepresented in Pharmacy (UIP) Mentor?
    What are your areas of interest?
    What are your areas of interest?
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